Friday, May 09, 2014

Invitation to the German Bundestag

In May 2014 the coordinators of the COMENIUS project "FAITH" were guests of the German parliament (Bundestag). They had been invited by Dirk Becker (SPD), deputy of the region (Lippe) where Lemgo is situated.
After passing the security check the visitors took part in the audience of a debate concerning the upcoming law of "Renewable Energy". It was quite interesting to follow this discussion and also challenging for the delegations because most parts of the content had to be translated by the German group.
After the plenary session a discussion with deputy Becker had been planned but unfortunately he had to deliver a speech as a contribution in the ongoing discussion.
Therefore the delegation talked to Ms. Friederike Linke as one of Mr. Becker's assistants. Beneath showing the delegation around in the historical Reichstag building discussion was made about topics like European education policy and national support possibilities.
A visit to the Reichstag cupola with its amazing sights over Berlin and a meal at the deputies cantina the "political" part of the Berlin visit had passed. A sightseeing tour by bike that led through the Berlin city centre connected to that event.
The next two days then were used to start with the preparations for the final report on the FAITH project.

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