Wednesday, October 09, 2013

German partners in Belgium

Visiting Antwerp and the partner school on "Open Day"
Our big pupil meeting was held in Germany and we were very fortunate to have our fantastic German hosts! We had a very instructive and also fun week together with delegations from Sweden, Germany and Belgium.
So it was only fitting that whenever we had an opportunity, we needed to invite our German friends over to Belgium as well. Because working in a Comenius project involves the whole school, this meant that we hosted both teachers, staff, principals and pupils. We found the perfect opportunity at our open day weekend.
On Friday afternoon the German delegation arrived in Sunparks, in the middle of the green forests surrounding Mol. We had a nice afternoon in the sunshine and an evening to get to know all the colleagues and to start talking about our project.
On Saturday we invited our German friends to Antwerp, the biggest city in Flanders. We tried to have a cultural (we visited the MAS museum – Antwerp’s newest museum next to the river Schelde where you have a fantastic view from the rooftop you can climb), local (we visited the international fresh market with typical specialities in food and drink) and ecological (we went together with only one bus and in Antwerp did everything on foot or by bike) excursion, perfectly in tune with our project.

On Sunday we invited the whole group at our school. We have an open day weekend every year and try to present all the aspects of our school. An ideal moment for our German friends to join us. Our visit started in our Comenius class in wahich you can find all sorts of information about our project and partners, we then went to our ecological garden where we made our own pizza’s in our own constructed Comenius clay oven, and finally the pupils from the 6th year involved in Comenius and the ones that also went to Germany made a tour in English and German with our guests around the school to present all aspects of it.

In short, this was a great experience and the bonds between the partner schools have only become even tighter with this great exchange!

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  1. Thanks to all of you at our Belgian partner school for your warm hospitality! We'll always keep you in our hearts!