Sunday, August 03, 2014

Ecological oven project

In both the German and the Belgian school we are lucky to have an ecological garden. We decided to use this garden also in our Comenius project. Since one of our main themes was ecology, we decided to create an ecological clay oven. Both schools worked together and exchanged helpers and ideas to come up with two similar ovens. The teachers worked during the technological class in Belgium. They learned how to prepare the clay to use for the oven and made the whole construction together with our youngest pupils as the pictures show you …
This is not where the story ends of course. In later lessons pupils learned how to use this oven and how to make delicious food such as pizza in an ecological way. Great to eat and good for the environment. We are always proud to use the oven whevenver we can, so we did also make our ecological pizzas together with our German friends when they visited us during our open day.

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